The Passion of Miss Augusta is a project which includes a film and a website based on the life and work of Augusta Evans Wilson (1835-1909), one of the most popular American writers of the nineteenth century, famous for the strong-willed female characters who often echoed her own life. Stung by the defeat of the Confederacy in the Civil War, she helped create a mythic South that foreshadowed Gone With The Wind and also set the stage for Southern Gothic literature. Her 1866 novel St. Elmo was a national phenomenon, causing babies, towns, steamboats and cigars to be named for it. She became a tourist attraction and civic leader in her home town of Mobile Alabama. Her books, sentimental romances, were popular with the reading public but savaged by many critics of her day. In recent decades her work has been rediscovered by feminist critics who see new value in her work and life. Watch the video clip below and enter our Online Museum to find out more.




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